Thursday, 26 February 2009

My invovement in the liberation war of Bangladesh

I got the commonwealth scholarship in 1971 to study in the department of Biochemistry in the McGill University for Ph.D. degree. But in 1971, Bangabandhu Shekh Mujib declared independence of Bangladesh in his historic 7 March address at the Suhardy Uddyan and that very night we formed the Bangladesh Association of Quebec probably the first Bangladesh Association in North America and we decided to take active part in the liberation war. I was the founder General Secretary and Dr ( at that time Mr.) Fazal Mohammad was the President. While most other Associations formed after 26th March were busy about lobbying with the government for relief and humanitarian help, we took a different strategy and got some link with the then liberation movement of Quebec and other North American left wing people. Believe it or not that helped a lot. I personally felt more comfortable with the civil society, dock union leaders and the journalists sympathetic to Bangladesh liberation. We decided to align with the opposition as we believed that being a close alley of the Pakistan lover USA, the government of Canada would not be of much help to us accept receiving the memorandum of the Bengaliu community. The officiual stand of Canada government was ' the matter is an internal affair of Bangladesh echoing US position. As the Secretary of the Association, I frequently came in the electronic media criticising the government for sidin with the genocide. I used to frequently threatened by the Pakistan Association. Many of the interesting incidents are fading away from my memory. A few I remember are as follows: