Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Intellectual Property Rights and Biotechnology


The word 'intellectual' means possessing or showing intellect or mental capacity especially to a high degree of an intellectual person; guided or developed by or relying on the intellect rather than upon emotions or feeling; characterized by or suggesting a predominance of intellect. 'Property' means that which a person owns, the possession of a particular owner; ownership right of possession; enjoyment or of anything. 'Rights' means that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles. Therefore, Intellectual Property Rights of any Patents or Process must have some ingenuity and fall within the category of 'inventions' where the 'intellect' must have played a predominal role. 'Discoveries' which already have existed in nature but only have been retrieved by someone and put to benefit of people should not be equalized with inventions. Biotechnology involves use of scientific and engineering principles for processing of materials (organic or inorganic) using biological agents to provide goods and services.

Hunger crusader Norman Borlaug passes away

(image Source: scidevnet)
Norman Borlaug, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, renowned for his commitment to fighting hunger in the developing world, has died at the age of 95 on 12 September 2009.